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A CHALLENGE is a competition where you can win a prize for your project.
If you are a solver
You can participate in our Challenge, find a great variety of problems to be solved regarding open innovation, apply your expertise, stretch your creative boundaries, and win different kinds of awards. Don’t waste your time. Work on our challenges! Put your talent to work and vote on the contributions of others.
If you are a company
Our innovative Challenge programs can help you to develop high-profile solutions for your ideas with competitions prepared just for you and your needs and to solve your big problems. We have a customized program for your challenges, to create innovative competitions. We encourage the solution of your problems among solvers that come from all over the Mediterranean area and we are pleased to design every step of your challenge, from the first brainstorming through to the final prizegiving.



We want good technological and innovative ideas to become reality quickly, so share with us your project to look for partners, investors, skills and contributions for further development. A PROJECT is an innovative and higher level product compared to an IDEA. It is a more structured idea that has been discussed (or not) at an earlier time with the community. It is detailed and related to implementation, production and the development of an innovative business idea.

You can read, comment, vote, share on SNS, and read comments from within your community, related to your PROJECTs and those of others. The community can enrich your project adding new contributions (IDEAs, CHALLENGEs, BRAINSTORMs, HOW TO). You can also create, via by following community comments, new versions (UPDATES) of the same PROJECT



An IDEA is what you have in mind no matter if it’s at an embryonic or more advanced. It may be the result of a previous reasoning within another section of the OI environment or posted from scratch. The objective of IDEA is to be able to discuss your thoughts with members of the community, in order to be able to grow, evolve, and become a PROJECT.

You can read, comment, vote, share on SNS, and read comments from within your community, related to your and other IDEAs.



A BRAINSTORM is a tool where you can talk about a topic or a problem, or search for help from within your community. For example, you can use this tool to do a survey, a context analysis or a market research investigation that is preliminary to the development of a new business idea.



An HOW-TO is an easy tool that will help you to create small guides can show you how to make something. This tool will allow you to create step by step guide that can share knowledge with members of your community. For this purpose you can use videos, photos, graphics, accompanying them to a text that in a series of simple steps in sequence will allow you to easily teach to do something.

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